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References, Targeted Sales

References, Targeted Sales

Hanne Kjær-Kristoffersen, HR Manager, Boligselskabet Sjælland

‘Boligselskabet Sjælland has collaborated with Vibeke on service training for all the company’s employees – a diverse group that encompasses property management clerks, administrative staff and management at several levels.

The point of the training was to define what good service means to Boligselskabet Sjælland, as this will then enable us to provide good and proactive services for our customers. At the same time, the goal was also to successfully conclude the company’s transformation from a management company to a service company.

The service training lasted for one whole year and included three employee-days, where all employees across the various sections collaborated on solving concrete assignments. In between these sessions, there were days where individual teams would continue working on the given assignments in order to embed their efforts and to make aspects more concrete and real for the individual team and the individual employee.

We have come a long way – but we still have further to go before we reach our goal. In other words, we’re right in the middle of the long haul.

Vibeke has done a great job of familiarising herself with our company’s situation while at the same time being able to meet people exactly where there were at – no academic consultancy talk, but a pragmatic approach backed up by action. Vibeke has worked with individual leaders, with the group processes and not least with the collective body of employees. Vibeke pays attention to detail, and on the employee-days, where all 230 employees participated; she was completely on top of even the tiniest details, which made us feel very safe and secure.

I’ve worked with Vibeke before, and I’m happy to do so again.’

Per Storm, former Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Bluegarden A/S (formerly Multidata A/S)

‘I’ve known Vibeke Heckmann since 2006, when I became acquainted with her in connection with a job application. Then she became my coach for the next four years, and I continue to use Vibeke as my sparring partner in relation to my own career, but I’ve also used her in connection with Bluegarden (formerly Multidata), my management team and my sales team.

Vibeke has a very strong personality, exhuming positivity and joy yet she also pulls you out of your comfort zone, which allows you to develop. Vibeke is a very powerful coach and sparring partner both in terms of personal development and the situation you find yourself in. On a personal level, Vibeke’s coaching has been crucial to my personal development and my leadership abilities. Vibeke has been trusting and confident in me; she has shown me new paths, the value of stamina and willpower as well as usable tools. She has been inspirational and she has introduced to her extensive network, where I’ve met people who have been through many of the same things as I have.

Vibeke has a wonderful ability to combine individual development with furthering business. Vibeke knows how to make something delectable and intimate while keeping it simple and easy, even in the face of the long haul that is personal development.

Concretely, I’ve used Vibeke for individual coaching session with the five team-leaders in my management team with the aim of freeing up 40% of the time spent on management, which can then be spent on business development instead. And we did just that. Today, I have a management team that have progressed from being merely leaders who spent their time focusing on details and control to becoming leaders who delegate, who are able to work from a helicopter perspective and talk shop at the same time. This development is of huge benefit to the company, and not only today but also in the future.

I also used Vibeke as coach for my Key Account Managers and Heads of Sales in 2014 and 2015, with the aim of reaching our sales targets. An individual approach to professionalise the team members, ensuring that meetings are properly prepared, effectively executed and then followed up. The work included collective meetings with our customers to determine how they experienced their meetings with Bluegarden and what could be improved upon. And once again, it was a very positive experience for employees and customers alike.

The Customer at the Centre
We have also conducted a number of meetings where Vibeke focused on the customer, where my team leaders and I have meetings with customers to get their input for “our“ 40% development plan. This has already made a huge difference in how we see our business and the approach we need to take, i.e. that everything we do has to make sense to our customers. The goal is for management colleagues throughout the organisation to meet customers in the company of my team leaders, who will then bring that part of the organisation into closer contact with customers whom they otherwise never get to meet.

Vibeke has provided the framework for this journey and her personal clout, experience and ability to listen and turn everything into something positive as well as her numerous and creative ideas makes this a prioritized project that everybody looks forward to.

I can but give Vibeke Heckmann my warmest recommendations.’

Mads V. Olesen, CEO at STRÖMMA Denmark A/S

‘On request, I hereby submit my recommendation of heckmann aps, provider of varying consultancy assignments.

During latter years, I have used heckmann aps in relation to recruitment, personal coaching and as facilitator in connection with a larger organisational process of change.

I would particularly like to highlight the help I received in connection with a big project where I, in a former position, had to secure the complete turn-around of an entire organisation’s culture. The project ran for approx. one year and the change to the way employee came to view customers as well as cross-organisational collaborations were shockingly positive, to put it mildly. Thus a negative downward spiral with dwindling trade and profits were turned into greatly increased trade (periodically double-up) and a positive bottom line. The fact that the personal involvement and wellbeing of employees also improved greatly, speaks for itself.

I am of the opinion that heckmann aps made a very positive difference, not least by way of the consultants’ professional approach. Their understanding of each individual employee and their direct responses to wrong behaviour helped the process of change immensely.

What characterises all the assignments is the unusually vivid engagement that we have been met with through all our challenges.

heckmann aps have always delivered and I can warmly recommend their services when action is needed. I am happy to elaborate on my recommendations if needed.’

Carsten Jøns Nielsen, former Aftermarket Manager at EvoBus Denmark A/S

‘Within the last year, I’ve had the pleasure of concluding two projects with Vibeke Heckmann as their solid anchor.

The first project was a course for the entire management team in the after market organisation concerning sales techniques and customer meetings.

The entire project lasted for four months. It started with a very inspiring and productive seminar where Vibeke skilfully took us all through an exiting and developing course on sales techniques, and she did it with great enthusiasm and humour.

It continued in a, what I based on my experience with consultants would term a somewhat unusual way. Vibeke and her organisation partook in the planning, execution and evaluation of approx. 25 customer visits and this highly successful part of the project rendered immediate positive results on our top-line.

In 2011, following on from the abovementioned project; we completed a service-culture project that involved the entire after market organisation. This was a bound assignment, as the concept was developed by our mother company and had to be carried out in each European country with local moderators at the helm.

This allowed Vibeke to reveal yet another side to her great talent. She demonstrated both analytical abilities and empathy in relation to our company and our customer-universe. She has been able to safely and professionally conduct a course with approx. 50 participants, over three seminars, where everybody felt that they came away inspired from a productive course.

I will use heckmann aps for similar assignments in the future, which is why I can unreservedly give Vibeke Heckmann and her organisation my warmest recommendation.’