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Networking Activities

Networking Activities

Professional knowledge, new inspiration and new relations

Do you remember to allow yourself space for reflection, renewal and presence? By doing something for you, there may be an even greater chance that you also have energy to do something for others.

For more than 20 years, Vibeke Heckmann has worked professionally with creating and expanding the networking approach and manifesting these ideas in concrete networks. Solid (leadership) networks where you share a personal free space with your peers, who share the same interests; and where you have great opportunities to establish close relations.

That this is important is beyond doubt. Nonetheless, many leaders are not very good at being proactive for themselves; ensuring that they have a personal free space, while maintaining a career that is running full speed ahead. It is essential that we combine current success with an uncertain future.

heckmann has years of experience in creating our own networks, but also in initiating company networks. Including yours? A network is a forum where you can gather new professional knowledge and inspiration; you can network with others, generating new contacts and relations. Participants can exchange ideas, develop projects, connect with (new) collaborators, use one another as sparring partners and obtain concrete information from invited lecturers. Networking activities are beneficial personally, humanely and workwise. It generates value for you, your employees and your company.

Everybody can join. What is most important is that you want to and that you are prepared for changes and able to carry words to effect.

Would you like to join one of our existing networks or find out more about how we can start a network for your company? Then get in touch and we will fill you in. You can see examples of heckmann’s previous networking activities here.