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Management and Team Development

Management and Team Development

Developing management, employees, departments or the entire company

heckmann has a very focused approach to working with companies and individuals in order to make them grow – simultaneously and together. We customize our approach to a given company from the specific needs and demands as well as cultural preferences of that company. Every company that has ever worked with us, have reaped great financial as well as human benefits. Something that is visible both in terms of an improved bottom line and increased wellbeing.

One of our strengths is carrying words into effect. The development is anchored and executed and thus results are achieved.

Team development can, among other things, be used to:
• Generate and implement visions, goals and values
• Set goals and intermediary aims in terms of business strategies
• Improve and develope collaborations both within and outside the team
• Secure optimal collaboration in new teams
• Provide an educational break that generates new energy

The process always begins with a thorough pre-analysis, where we find out what characterizes the team and its work-related relations, and where the company is headed.

heckmann – Management and Team Development

Then we adjust our approach, methods and exercises according to the desired result. This means that team development, and what is discussed, is only related to what concerns you and your company. All our methods and cases are everyday related, and you can go back to work and utilize your new tools and realizations right away.

A management and team development process varies depending on the company. It can be anything from a few hours or a day at your premises to longer processes, stretching months or years, depending on which benefits and types of collaborations you wish for.

You can read more about management and team development here and you can read our references here.

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