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Targeted Sales

Targeted Sales

Focusing on the customer, sales and services

A company’s success is often related to its ability to stay focused on its customers as well as sales and services throughout all levels of the organization.

The determining factor is the company’s ability to professionally administer the customer’s needs and wants, fulfilling that which is currently called for, while never loosing sight of the further perspective, while constantly staying trustworthy in words as well as actions.

heckmann offers training in sales, services and customer handling to groups as well as individuals.

When a group of people from the same organization obtain the same level of professional knowledge, a shared understanding, motivation and frame of reference is generated, and they can use this shared understanding to support one another, as they make sure that the new tools are utilized within the organization – and not merely left in a nice binder on a shelf somewhere.

We help with all kinds of training – from the motivation that so important if the employee is going to do their best, to the tools that are needed to succeed in the modern customer and negotiation situation. We customize the training according to the company’s needs and type of organization, to ensure that your individual employees experience a targeted and result-oriented process.

The training process is often combined with our participation in select customer meetings in order to provide results directly measurable in terms of the company’s bottom line. And in order for us to provide concrete sparring and counselling for the individual employee based on real and current customer relations.

Contact Vibeke Heckmann for further information and an interview where we can talk about how we can help your company. See examples of targeted sales in the shape of customer events here and read our references here.