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References, Recruitment

References, Recruitment

Peter Lykke Thomsen, CEO at Max Fodgaard A/S

‘I’ve had the pleasure of working with heckmann aps and Vibeke Heckmann for a number of years now.

Vibeke is able to quickly gain an understanding of relevant problems. She’s capable of solving assignments in the best possible manner, and both the company and the people involved experience the outcome as very positive.

Vibeke is constructive and she has the determining focus and willpower to make a difference.

All assignments are solved with positive energy, with a wealth of ideas and new ways of thinking as well as with the ability to challenge and coach. Her focus on solving a given assignment combined with her wish to contribute to further development is a core and genuine characteristic in Vibeke’s work.

Which is why I believe that the assignments that Vibeke takes on will also be solved, and what is equally important; they will be implemented.

When we need to recruit applicants for central positions, we collaborate with heckmann aps, benefitting from Vibeke’s insight into our company. This secures the important match between company and candidate.

I give heckmann my recommendations and am happy to elaborate further.’

Mads V. Olesen, CEO at STRÖMMA Denmark A/S

‘On request, I hereby submit my recommendation of heckmann aps, provider of varying consultancy assignments.

During latter years, I have used heckmann aps in relation to recruitment, personal coaching and as facilitator in connection with a larger organisational process of change.

I would particularly like to highlight the help I received in connection with a big project where I, in a former position, had to secure the complete turn-around of an entire organisation’s culture. The project ran for approx. one year and the change to the way employee came to view customers as well as cross-organisational collaborations were shockingly positive, to put it mildly. Thus a negative downward spiral with dwindling trade and profits were turned into greatly increased trade (periodically double-up) and a positive bottom line. The fact that the personal involvement and wellbeing of employees also improved greatly, speaks for itself.

I am of the opinion that heckmann aps made a very positive difference, not least by way of the consultants’ professional approach. Their understanding of each individual employee and their direct responses to wrong behaviour helped the process of change immensely.

What characterises all the assignments is the unusually vivid engagement that we have been met with through all our challenges.

heckmann aps have always delivered and I can warmly recommend their services when action is needed. I am happy to elaborate on my recommendations if needed.’

Lars Peter Olsen, Vice President, Production Copenhagen, MAN Diesel & Turbo

‘Since 2014 we have used Vibeke Heckmanns’ consulting services for various HR related tasks. The assignments have been very varied including management support related to organizational changes, HR development, coaching, leadership, training, and recruiting.

I have come to know Vibeke as a person with a great presence, ability and skill for manoeuvring on all organizational levels – from the C-suite to blue-collars. She has an eminent ability to take the stage when needed and to participate as an observer when that is more suitable for the process. Always a source for new inspiration and ways to improve leadership, she masters to challenge the existing and makes sure things stay on track.

From the differing assignments Vibeke carried out while working with us, she has displayed a fully equipped HR toolbox. But what truly distinguishes Vibeke from most other consultants is her practical oriented approach to HR. She knows how to make HR work in practice at a level only few others master, while still applying the more methodical aspect of HR.

I hereby recommend Vibeke Heckmann to anyone seeking a consultant who uses both heart and brains when solving assignments, and transforming organizations.’

Carsten Jøns Nielsen & Dorthe Lundby Pedersen, former Aftermarket Manager and former HR Manager at EvoBus Denmark A/S

‘Our collaboration with the consultancy company heckmann started back in the summer of 2007, when we worked together on a wellbeing project within the Danish organisation. This was the start of a fantastic, exiting, motivational and action-oriented collaboration.

Vibeke Heckmann and her team of competent consultants have by way of their great experience, knowledge, and empathy opened our hearts (and our minds!), enabling us to perform and generate the wished for results, on a human as well as professional level. Collaborations have been based on reciprocal trust and respect – both in terms of management (commissioners) and the organisation in its entirety.

Vibeke has a rare gift of being able to focus on a specific assignment over a long period – she never loses sight of the end goal. She knows us better than we know ourselves, and her catching enthusiasm, warmth and eagerness combined with an inexhaustible source of energy and constructive ideas, ensures that you never leave a meeting with her or one of her colleagues empty-handed.

In terms of recruitment, we also find that the candidates that have been through the heckmann “machine” acknowledge that it has been a very positive and professional course – regardless of whether or not it ends with employment.

We give Vibeke Heckmann and her organisation our warmest recommendation.’

Anonymous employee

‘I’ve bee through a replacement process with heckmann, which was both very positive and educational. I was met with great support and understanding. Having worked in one company for many years, many things had changed in relation to writing applications for example, and heckmann were able to help me define my competences and structure my CV in order to write applications anew.’