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References, Events & Networking Activities

References, Events & Networking Activities

Carsten Reves, former Area Director at Nordea Bank Denmark A/S, Roskilde/Frederikssund

‘For many years now, we have collaborated with Vibeke Heckmann and her consultancy company heckmann aps.

We have used heckmann for organisational development, sparring, personal coaching (for myself and my leaders), and we have attended many inspiring events and workshops.

heckmann balances brain, hart and hands incredibly well. Collaborations are always both serious and light.

Vibeke is incredibly sharp, yet she also manages to maintain her focus on good working environments, called wellbeing in heckmann-lingo. Wellbeing generates profits for employees, customers and leaders. And profits include both monetary and human benefits.

Finally, it is important for heckmann to put action to words. If we come up with an idea, we must make something happen.

I give the consultancy company heckmann my best recommendations.’

Peter Bastian, musician and lecturer

‘I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Vibeke Heckmann since December 2002, primarily in connection with the organising of a large conference. She is an unusually life-affirming human being with a fundamentally positive and open approach to people, and she displays a natural interest in her fellow human beings. She is capable of effortlessly juggling many difficult and complicated projects at the same time, without ever losing her perspective. And whereas others in similar tough situations are prone to lose interest in the world around them, Vibeke is always able to give that little bit extra. She simply understands human beings. And many other things, I hasten to add. In many ways, Vibeke Heckmann personifies my vision of the kind of human being we need to develop in order to cope with future challenges.’