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Welcome to heckmann

heckmann’s mission is to generate wellbeing in Danish companies

Ever since 2002, we have worked with making a difference that is visible in terms of companies’ image as wells as their bottom line – while also ensuring that employees experience greater pleasure in their work.

Wellbeing ensures happy and motivated employees, less sick leave, greater efficiency and more creativity. Wellbeing is the road to maintaining and developing the company’s key employees and to ensuring that the individual’s resources and potential are utilized in the best possible way. And last, but by no means least, wellbeing is crucial to improving a company’s bottom line.

In our work, we meet with a company’s management and their individual employees, and it is in this interaction that we create the optimal frameworks for developing and achieving new possibilities, relations, initiatives as well as results. If further backup is needed, we are also highly experienced recruiters, able to match the right people with the right company.

The really successful businesses are often recognizable by their ability to generate wellbeing throughout their organisation, including each individual employee as well as their customers. At heckmann, we combine this wellbeing to a whole, thus generating increased working pleasure and value.

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